MIT-Paris Workshop


DEC-ENS - May 30 & 31, 2007


Description: How are implicatures and presuppositions generated? How are the presuppositions and implicatures of basic sentences transmitted to more complex sentences? Can a unified theory be given for implicatures and for presuppositions? The aim of this workshop, organized as part of an exchange between the MIT Linguistics Department and the Department of Cognitive Studies of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, is to promote new contributions on these questions, and more specifically on the debate concerning the grammatical vs pragmatic nature of the mechanisms of generation and projection of implicatures and presuppositions.


Mercredi 30 mai 2007

Morning (ENS 45, rue d'Ulm - Salle Cavaillès)

9h20. Welcome & Introduction

9h30-10h20.   Philippe Schlenker (IJN & UCLA). ‘After Dynamic Semantics?’

10h30-11h20. Raj Singh (MIT). ‘On Alternatives for Presupposition Accommodation’.

11h30-12h20. Claire Beyssade (IJN). ‘Exclamation and Presupposition’.

12h30-14h30. Lunch Break.

Afternoon (ENS 45, rue d'Ulm - Salle des Résistants)

14h30-15h20. Ambros Domingo (Barcelone-Logos). ‘The Notion(s) of Presupposition and Conventional Implicature’

15h30-16h20. Alejandro Pérez Carballo (MIT). ‘Accommodation, Projection and the Proviso Problem’

16h30-17h20. Benjamin Spector (Harvard).‘Hurford’s Constraint and the Theory of Scalar Implicatures’ (joint work with G. Chierchia & D. Fox)


Jeudi 31 mai 2007

Morning (ENS 45, rue d'Ulm - Salle Beckett)

9h30-10h20.   Danny Fox (MIT). ‘Too Many Alternatives: density, symmetry and other predicaments’

10h30-11h20. Emmanuel Chemla (LSCP). ‘Projecting Presuppositions with Scalar Implicatures’

11h30-12h20. Giorgio Magri (MIT). ‘Oddness and Implicatures’

12h30-14h00. Lunch break.

Afternoon (ENS 29, rue d'Ulm - Salle Lapie)

14h00-14h50. Nathan Klinedinst (IJN). ‘Simplification of (the problem of) Simplification of Disjunctive Antecedents’

15h00-15h50. Roni Katzir (MIT). ‘Structurally-Defined Alternatives’

16h00-17h00. Nausicaa Pouscoulous (Leipzig). 'Experimental Evidence against Local Implicatures' (joint work with B. Geurts)



How to get there: Ecole Normale Supérieure (map)

Organization: Paul Egré (IJN-DEC) & Danny Fox (MIT)


Support: The workshop is organized with the support of the MIT-France Seed Fund for Collaborative Research. (Project on Presuppositions and Implicatures between the ENS Department of Cognitive Studies and the MIT Linguistics Department).

Related event: the workshop will be followed by the fifth PALMYR meeting, on June 1-2, 2007.

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