Directeur de recherche au CNRS / Professeur attaché Département de Philosophie de l'ENS


Areas of Research: Logic | Language | Epistemology | Cognitive Science

I am a Senior Researcher at CNRS, based at Institut Jean-Nicod in Paris and a Professor in the Philosophy Department at ENS.

My research deals with logic, language, epistemology, and cognitive science. Much of my work concerns vagueness in language and in perception. I am particularly interested in the issue of concept representation, and in the relation between vagueness and perceptual ambiguity. In the area of logic, my interest has grown over the years for nonclassical logics, in particular for foundations and applications of trivalence (to vagueness, logical consequence, conditionals). At IJN I coordinate the team Concepts, Logic and Reasoning.

Current projects

I am currently involved in three research projects, two of them funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche. The first concerns Access to Ambiguity in Perception (AMBISENSE), an interdisciplinary project with Daniel Pressnitzer, Jackson Graves, Vincent de Gardelle with emphasis on auditory perception. Another concerns Probabilistic Semantics for Language (PROBASEM), with my colleague Benjamin Spector (PI), with emphasis on the probabilistic modeling of vagueness. With Benjamin Icard, I am also coordinating at IJN the project Disinformation Identification in Evolving Knowledge Bases (DIEKB), with Mondeca and Airbus as research partners, in which we deal with vagueness-mining in textual corpora.

With Eduardo Barrio, we are editing a special issue of the Journal of Philosophical Logic on Substructural Logics and Metainferences (click to see Call for Papers).

Past projects

From 2014 to 2018, with Benjamin Spector I co-directed the ANR program "Trivalence and Natural Language Meaning". Between 2008 and 2011 I conducted an ANR funded project on the topic "Cognitive Origins of Vagueness", which I have continued as part of F. Récanati's program CPR. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology (RPP), a peer -reviewed journal edited quarterly at Institut Jean-Nicod and published by Springer. I am also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Philosophical Logic and of Disputatio. In 2016 I was a Visiting Fellow of the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study.


Recently appeared on vagueness:

egre_vaguelivre_vrinQu'est-ce que le Vague ? Chemins Philosophiques, Vrin, décembre 2018.

Recent and past events:

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