NB. K. Schulz's talk replaces J. Huitink's talk, and P. Cobreros et al. replaces Y. Sudo et al's talk.

Monday August 13

E.A-Anna Dietz and S. Hölldobler. Modeling the Suppression Task under Three-Valued Lukasiewicz and Well-Founded Semantics
14h30-15h30: K. Schulz (Invited talk, TBA)

Tuesday August 14

H. Burnett. A Multi-Valued Delineation Semantics for Absolute Adjectives
J. Zehr and O. Percus. TCS for presuppositions
15h-15h30:  P. Cobreros, P. Egre, D. Ripley and R. van Rooij. How many degrees of truth do we need for vague predicates?

Wednesday August 15

V. Degauquier. Are True and False Not Enough?
14h30-15h30: A. Avron (invited talk). Using Trivalent Semantics for Paraconsistent  Reasoning

Thurday August 16

T. Perkov. A trivalent logic that encapsulates intuitionistic and classical logic
14h30-15h: S. Kuznetsov. Trivalent logics arising from L-models for the Lambek calculus with constants
B. Konikowska and A. Avron. Reasoning about Rough Sets Using Three Logical Values      

Friday August 17

P. Kulicki and R. Trypuz. Doing the right things – trivalence in deontic action logic
14h30-15h30: G. Malinowski (invited talk). Logical three-valuedness and beyond.