Selected papers

Heather Burnett
A Multi-Valued Delineation Semantics for Absolute Adjectives

Vincent Degauquier
Are True and False Not Enough?

Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz and Steffen Hölldobler
Modeling the Suppression Task under Three-Valued Lukasiewicz and Well-Founded Semantics
Beata Konikowska and Arnon Avron
Reasoning about Rough Sets Using Three Logical Values      
Piotr Kulicki and Robert Trypuz
Doing the right things – trivalence in deontic action logic
Stepan Kuznetsov
Trivalent logics arising from L-models for the Lambek calculus with constants
Tin Perkov
A trivalent logic that encapsulates intuitionistic and classical logic
Jérémy Zehr and Orin Percus
TCS for presuppositions