Sam Alxatib (MIT)
Denying Bivalence and the Super-/Sub-valuationary Divide

P.Cobreros (U. of Navarra), P. Egré (IJN), D. Ripley (IJN), R. van Rooij (ILLC)

Tolerant, Classical, Strict

Lieven Decock (U. of Amsterdam)

Voronoi tessellation, graded membership and typicality

Richard Dietz (Leuven)

Comparative Concepts

Igor Douven (Leuven)
(joint work with L. Decock, R. Dietz and P. Egré)
Vagueness: a conceptual space approach

Peter Gärdenfors (Lund)

Why language has to be vague

James Hampton (London)

Vagueness in Category Judgments

Yasmina Jraissati (IJN)
Determining extensions of cognitively meaningful color categories