Research Papers

Below is a list of papers organized thematically, with some overlap between the various topics. If a paper is not available online, please send me an email to get a pdf.

"Concept Utility" (with Cathal O'Madagain), Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming pdf]

"Lying and Vagueness" (with Benjamin Icard), 2018, in J. Meibauer ed., Oxford Handbook of Lying, pp. 354-369 [pdf]

"The Sorites Paradox in Psychology" (with David Ripley and Steven Verheyen), forthcoming in S. Oms and E. Zardini (eds), the Sorites Paradox, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. [pdf]

"Subjectivity in Gradable Adjectives: the case of "Tall" and "Heavy" (with Steven Verheyen and Sabrina Dewil), 2018, Mind and Language, [pdf]

"Typicality and Graded Membership in Dimensional Adjectives" (with Steven Verheyen), 2018, Cognitive Science, DOI: 10.1111/cogs.12649 [pdf]

"Vague Judgment: a Probabilistic Account", 2017, Synthese, 194 (10): 3837–3865 [pdf].

"Borel on the Heap" (with Anouk Barberousse), 2014, Erkenntnis 79: 1043-1079. [pdf]

"What's in a Planet?", 2013, in M. Aloni, M. Franke and F. Roelofsen eds., The Dynamic, Inquisitive and Visionary Life of φ, ?φ and ◊ φ, A Festtschift for J. Groenendijk, M. Stokhof and F. Veltman, ILLC. [pdf]

"Vagueness: A conceptual spaces approach" (with Igor Douven, Richard Dietz and Lieven Decock), 2013, the Journal of Philosophical Logic 42 (1), 137-160 [pdf]

"Vagueness, Uncertainty and Degrees of Clarity" (with Denis Bonnay), 2010, Synthese 174, vol. 1, pp. 47-78 [pdf]

"L'identité des qualia et le critère de Goodman" (with Jérôme Dokic) [pdf] (version of 19/10/09, due to appear in a volume on Goodman that never came out)

"Respects for contradictions", 2018, forthcoming in C. Baskent and T. Ferguson (eds), Graham Priest on Dialetheism and Paraconsistency, Springer. [pdf]

"Are Gaps preferred to Gluts? A closer look at borderline contradictions" (with Jérémy Zehr), 2018, in E. Castroviejo, G. Weidman Sassoon, and L. McNally. (Eds.) The Semantics of Gradability, Vagueness, and Scale Structure - Experimental Perspectives. Springer: Switzerland. [pdf]

"Tolerant reasoning: nontransitive or nonmonotonic?" (with P. Cobreros, D. Ripley, R. van Rooij), 2017, Synthese, [pdf]

"Vagueness: Why Do We Believe in Tolerance?", 2015, Journal of Philosophical Logic 44 (6): 663-679. [pdf]

"Pragmatic Interpretations of Vague Expressions: Strongest Meaning and Nonmonotonic Consequence" (with P. Cobreros, D. Ripley and R. van Rooij), 2015, the Journal of Philosophical Logic, 44 (4): 375-393. [pdf]

"Priest’s Motorbike and Tolerant Identity" (with P. Cobreros, D. Ripley, and R. van Rooij), 2014. In: Ciuni R., Wansing H., Willkommen C. (eds) Recent Trends in Philosophical Logic. Trends in Logic (Studia Logica Library), vol 41. Springer, Cham

"Vagueness and Order Effects in Color Categorization" (with Vincent de Gardelle and David Ripley), 2013, Journal of Logic, Language and Information 22(4): 391-420 [pdf].

"Tolerance and Mixed Consequence in the S'valuationist Setting" (with Pablo Cobreros, David Ripley and Robert van Rooij), 2012, Studia Logica, 100 (4), 855-877 [pdf]

"Tolerant, Classical, Strict" (with Pablo Cobreros, David Ripley and Robert van Rooij), 2012, the Journal of Philosophical Logic 41 (2), 347-385 [pdf].

"Laurel and Yanny: Together at Last" (with D. Pressnitzer, J. Graves, C. Chambers, V. de Gardelle), 2018, Current Biology 28 (13): PR739-R741. [link]

"Interindividual Variability in Auditory Scene Analysis Revealed by Confidence Judgments" (with Claire Pelofi, Vincent de Gardelle and Daniel Pressnitzer), 2017,  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, vol. 372, issue 1714 [pdf]

"Perceptual Ambiguity and the Sorites", 2011, in R. Nouven, R. van Rooij and H-C. Schmitz eds., Vagueness in Communication, Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6517, Springer-Verlag, pp. 64-90.

"Soritical Series and Fisher Series", 2009, in H. Leitgeb and A. Hieke eds., Reduction. Between the Mind and the Brain, pp. 91-115, Ontos-Verlag [pdf].

"From Many-Valued Consequence to Many-Valued Connectives" (with Emmanuel Chemla), Synthese, forthcoming [pdf]

"Suszko's Problem: Mixed Consequence and Compositionality" (with Emmanuel Chemla), Review of Symbolic Logic, forthcoming [pdf]

"Characterizing Logical Consequence in Many-Valued Logic" (with Emmanuel Chemla and Benjamin Spector), 2017, Journal of Logic and Computation [html] [journal]

"Vagueness, Truth and Permissive Consequence" (with P. Cobreros, D. Ripley and R. van Rooij), 2015, in Achourioti, T., Galinon, H., Fujimoto, K. and Martínez-Fernández, J. eds., Unifying the Philosophy of Truth, Springer, pp. 409-430  [pdf]

"Reaching Transparent Truth" (with P. Cobreros, D. Ripley and R. van Rooij), Mind 122 (488): 841-866 [pdf]

"De Finettian Logics of Indicative Conditionals" (with L. Rossi & J. Sprenger), under review. [pdf]

"Conditionals" (with Mikaël Cozic), 2016, in M. Aloni and P. Dekker eds, The Cambridge Handbook of Formal Semantics, pp. 490-524 [pdf]

"On the Negation of Indicative Conditionals"(with Guy Politzer), 2013, in M. Aloni, M. Franke and F. Roelofsen eds., Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium, pp. 10-18. [pdf]

"If-Clauses and Probability Operators" (with Mikaël Cozic), 2011, Topoi 30:17–29 [pdf]

"Knowledge, Justification and Reason-Based Belief" (with Paul Marty and Bryan Renne), under review. [pdf]

Knowledge as de re true belief?", 2016, Synthese (doi: 10.1007/s11229-016-1115-z) (supersedes the earlier version in Liber Amicorum Pascal Engel, edited by J. Dutant, D. Fassio and A. Meylan). [pdf]

"Metacognitive perspectives on unawareness and uncertainty" (with Denis Bonnay), 2012, in M. Beran, J. Brandl, J. Perner and J. Proust eds.,  Foundations of Metacognition, 321-342, Oxford University Press [pdf]

"Knowing one's limits - An analysis in Centered Dynamic Epistemic Logic" (with Denis Bonnay), 2011, in P. Girard, M. Marion and O. Roy (eds), Dynamic Formal Epistemology, Springer, pp. 103-126. [pdf].

"Inexact Knowledge with Introspection" (with Denis Bonnay), 2009, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 38 (2), pp. 179-228 ([preprint], or [pdf] penultimate version).

"Margins for Error in Context" (with Denis Bonnay), 2008, in M. Garcia-Carpintero & M. Kölbel (eds.), Relative Truth, pp. 103-127, Oxford University Press [pdf]

"Margin for Error and the Transparency of Knowledge" (with Jérôme Dokic), 2009, Synthese 166, pp. 1-20 [pdf] (penultimate version).

"Reliability, Margin for Error and Self-Knowledge", 2008, in V. Hendricks and D. Pritchard, New Waves in Epistemology, pp. 215-250, Palgrave MacMillan [pdf].

"Le paradoxe de Fitch dans l'œil du positiviste" (Y a-t-il des vérités inconnaissables?), 2008, Les Etudes Philosophiques, numéro spécial sur l'épistémologie modale, Janvier 2008, pp. 71-95, S. Chauvier (ed.), PUF. [pdf].

"The Knower Paradox in the Light of Provability Interpretations of Modal Logic" 2005, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 14 (1), 2005, pp. 13-48.

"A Uniform Semantics for Embedded Interrogatives: an Answer, not necessarily the Answer" (with B. Spector), 2015, Synthese 192 (6): 1729-1784 [pdf]

"Knowing whether A or B" (with Maria Aloni and Tikitu de Jager), Synthese 190 (14): 2595-2621 [pdf].

"Alternative Questions and Knowledge Attributions" (with Maria Aloni), 2010, The Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 60, n. 238, pp. 1-27 [abstract].

"Question-Embedding and Factivity", 2008, Grazer Philosophische Studien 77, pp. 85-125, special issue on Knowledge and Questions, F. Lihoreau (ed.). [pdf] (first version, posted 30/01/2008)

"Savoir, croire et questions enchâssées", 2003, Proceedings of Divisions of Linguistic Labor, The La Bretesche Workshop, june 2003, in Actes du colloque Langage, Pensée, Action, SOPHA, Montreal 2003, electronic publications of Philosophia Scientiae [pdf]. (For a more extended version, see [chap. 5] of my doctoral dissertation).

"Hyperintensionality and De Re Beliefs", 2014, in F. Lihoreau and M. Rebuschi eds., Epistemology, Context, and Formalism, Springer. (Supersedes the earlier "Logical Omniscience and Counterpart Semantics", 2006, in Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2006 Workshop on Logics for Resource Bounded Agents, T. Agotnes and N. Alechina (eds.).

"Semantic Innocence and Substitutivity", 2007, in Maria-José Frapolli (ed.), Saying, Meaning, and Referring: Essays on François Recanati's Philosophy of Language, pp. 221-238, Palgrave-Macmillan.

"Les attitudes réactives et le déterminisme: une étude expérimentale" (with A. Nioche & F. Cova), 2018, in J-B. Guillon (ed.), Le libre-arbitre - Perspectives contemporaines, Editions du Collège de France [html]

"Moral asymmetries and the semantics of ``many''(with F. Cova), 2015, Semantics and Pragmatics [link] .

"Predicting Moral Judgments from Causal Judgments" (with E. Chemla and P. Schlenker),  2015, Philosophical Psychology 28 (1): 21-48 [pdf]

"Intentional Action and the Semantics of Gradable Expressions (On the Knobe Effect)", 2014, in B. Copley and F. Martin eds., Causation in Grammatical Structures [pdf], Oxford University Press.

"Qualitative Judgments, Quantitative Judgments and Norm-Sensitivity", 2010, Commentary on J. Knobe's "Person as Scientist, Person as Moralist", Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (4): 335-336 [pdf].

"Les conventions sans la connaissance commune ?" (with Olivier Roy), 2012, Klesis [pdf]


"Le raisonnement par récurrence: quel fondement ?", 2015, La Gazette des Mathématiciens (Société Mathématique de France), Octobre 2015, n°146: 20-30. [pdf]

"Explanation in Linguistics", 2015, Philosophy Compass 10 (7): 451-462.

"Epistemic Logic", 2011, Continuum Companion to Philosophical Logic, R. Pettigrew and L. Horsten eds, Continuum, chap. 16, 503-542.

"Philosophie de la linguistique", 2011,  Précis de philosophie des sciences, A. Barberousse, D. Bonnay et M. Cozic eds,Vuibert, chap. 16, 572-642 [doc].

"L'analyse logique des langues naturelles", 2005, in Les Chemins de la Logique, Dossier Pour la Science (version française de Scientific American), oct.-déc. 2005, Belin, 45-50.

"Jacques Herbrand" (with Jacques Dubucs), 2006, in J. Gayon & M. Bitbol (eds.), L'épistémologie française 1830-1970, pp. 301-322, PUF

Edited volumes / special issues

"Three-valued Logics and Their Applications" (2014). P. Cobreros, P. Egré, D. Ripley and R. van Rooij (eds.), Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, vol. 24, issue 1-2.  (see the "Foreword" [])

"Vagueness and Language Use" (2011). P. Egré and N. Klinedinst (eds). Palgrave Macmillan.

"Objects and Sound Perception". Nicolas J. Bullot & Paul Égré (eds). (2010). Issue 1 of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology  (with contributions by S. Davies, M. Kubovy & M. Schutz, M. Matthen, M. Nudds, C. O'Callaghan, D. Roden). [Editorial: pdf]

"Presuppositions and Implicatures - Proceedings of The MIT-Paris Workshop". (2009) Paul Egré & Giorgio Magri (eds). MIT Working Papers in Linguistics (MWPL 60, 2009). Cambridge MA. [View contents and introduction: pdf] [Order: MITWPL]

"Proceedings of the Ninth ESSLLI Student Session" (2004). Laura Alonso Alemany & Paul Égré (eds). 2004, LORIA, Nancy.[pdf, ~8Mo].


Reviews and Commentaries

"Borderline Cases, Incompatibilism, and Plurivaluationism", 2015, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 90 (2):457-466 (Symposium on D. Raffman's Unruly Words) [pdf]

"Comments on Wes Holliday's "Epistemic Closure and Epistemic Logic I", in J. van Benthem and F. Liu eds., Proceedings of  `Logic across the University: Foundations and Applications', 14-16 October, 2013, Tsinghua University. [pdf]

"Comments on Stephanie Solt's Vagueness in Quantity", 2012, in P. Cintrula ed., Understanding Vagueness - Logical, Philosophical, and Linguistic Perspectives, pp. 119-124 [pdf]

"Comments on Michael Freund's Vagueness through Definitions", 2012, in P. Cintrula ed., Understanding Vagueness - Logical, Philosophical, and Linguistic Perspectives, pp. 181-186 [pdf]

Review of Nicholas Smith, Vagueness and Degrees of Truth (Oxford University Press, 2008, viii_381 pp.), Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89 (1), 2011, 177-181.

Review of Pascal Engel, Va Savoir! De la connaissance en général (Hermann éditeurs 2007, 256 pp.), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (posted January 21, 2008) [pdf]

Review of Vincent Hendricks' Mainstream and Formal Epistemology (Cambridge University Press, 2006, xii + 188 pp.), the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13(1), 2007, 110-114 [pdf] (posted 02/03/2007).

Commentaires adressés à Paul Gochet sur "La formalisation du savoir-faire" 2007, questions et réponses à P. Gochet, parues in P. Gochet & P. de Rouilhan, Logique Epistémique et Fondements des Mathématiques (ed. par P. Mongin & T. Martin), Vuibert, pp. 29-33 [pdf]



English translation of E. Borel (1907), "Un paradoxe économique: le sophisme du tas de blé et les vérités statistiques", with Erik Gray, published in Erkenntnis 2014.

French translation of W.V.O. Quine (1950) "On a supposed antinomy", in Les voies du paradoxes, Vrin 2011.

Introduction and French translation of B. van Fraassen (1966) “Singular Terms, Truth-Value Gaps and Free Logic”, in Philosophie de la logique – Conséquence, preuve, vérité, textes réunis par D. Bonnay et M. Cozic, Vrin 2009, pp. 377-82 (presentation) & pp. 383-405 (translation).

French translation of chapter 1 of T. Williamson's  Knowledge and its Limits, ``Is Knowing a State of Mind?", in Philosophie de la connaissance – Croyance, connaissance, justification, textes réunis par J. Dutant et P. Engel, Vrin 2005.


Habilitation (HDR)

"Vague Concepts: Semantic, Logical and Psychological Perspectives", 2015, Mémoire d'habilitation à diriger des recherches, Etudes Cognitives, Ecole normale supérieure.


"Attitudes propositionnelles et paradoxes épistémiques", 2004, Thèse de Philosophie, Université Paris 1 & IHPST.


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